Elmwood Road

Recreating a large, three storey, home from a modified house that is currently divided into 2 flats.

The existing property had been divided in to a ground floor 2 bedroom flat with a 3 bedroom maisonette above. Having purchased both flats the client’s brief was to create a modern and flexible home. We were invited to explore a wide range of ideas and possible solutions to fulfilling the needs of the client, who was interested in realising the full potential of the property and was open minded as to how this might be achieved.

With the entire 200sqm house available to be reconfigured a multitude of solutions were possible. Analysing the brief and the opportunities and constraints of the We explored a number of ways to extend the property, both to the rear and at roof level. We also considered ways to work creatively with the existing property, minimising the need for extensions, and creating new relationships between existing functions and spaces within the house.

External visualisation showing roof extension
The chosen option minimises the need to extend and focusses attention to the interiors and a full refurbishment of the existing building. A dramatic double height dining and library space, with a galleried hall above, is proposed at the heart of the house. This connects the upper storeys of the building to the ground floor, allowing a more flexible use of the house. Living spaces on the first floor are visually and physically connected to the ground floor. The new home will be open and light, be a great space for entertaining and a unique place for everyday modern living.

We are appointed to provide full architectural services from concept and ideas studies to developing detailed design for tender and construction.

Garden visualisation
Kitchen visualisation