Our approach


Our working approach is driven by a desire for collaboration. Drawing upon the knowledge and expertise of those we work with, be they the client, planners, design or construction teams, is essential to the way we work.

Forming a collective in depth understanding of the brief and wider context brings about a focus to our ideas and a creative response to both the opportunities and constraints. We enjoy embracing the unique challenges that such an analytical approach often presents, and our diverse experience and portfolio means we can bring new ideas and innovations to each of our projects.

We believe that creativity born of resolving the complex or seemingly contradictory in a beautiful way is the mark of great design and architecture. This is what we have achieved and aspire to in all of our work.


We provide a full range of architectural services. This can be a full service, from project inception to completion, or a tailored service considering a specific aspect or stage of a project.

We are skilled in developing ideas and carrying out feasibility studies to assist in understanding a projects potential. We have also completed masterplan studies, interior design studies and development plan work. Our approach combining analysis and creativity means we can contribute diverse and unique ideas to a process.

Building a team

A good project team is a pre-requisite to making successful projects happen. Conibere Phillips work regularly with a network of specialist consultants and can assemble a design team, or assist in their selection, to suit the needs of the project.

Successful projects

Our approach pays dividends. We enjoy good and ongoing relationships with our clients, with many referring us to future clients. Our projects have been exhibited as part of prestigious awards programmes and published.

References can be provided on request, as can visits to some of our completed projects.