Skogfinsk Museum

In November 2017 we entered the competition to design a new museum to tell the story of the Finn Forest People in Skogfinsk, Norway. Developed around the idea of the Norwegian Slette, a gathering space, the proposal provided new spaces of encounter for both visitors to the museum and local people.

Landscape plan
Sited on the bank of the River Rotna and the edge of woodland, the building concept represents the museum both as a settlement within the forest, and the building as part of the forest. This is expressed in the form of the building, set within a new woodland, and also in the spatial, internal experience, which reflects the character of the forest through the seasons. Tree filled courtyards within the ‘village’ further enhancing the feeling of moving between spaces set within the forest.

Exhibition space visualisation

The principal public functions, including lecture theatre, library and exhibition spaces, are arranged to face the main approaches to the building and the river. A public ‘hall’ connects the main spaces, forming an ‘L’ shaped multi-purpose circulation space and includes a café overlooking the river. The non public spaces of the building connect to the public circulation adjacent to the entrance / reception area and the main exhibition hall. This arrangement provides an efficient circulation diagram for both museum visitors and staff.

A new woodland is proposed across the site. This will envelope the new museum and define new walks and open spaces next to the river, including a Slette, the museum’s main outdoor space and a space for the local community.

Ground floor plan

The primary structure of the museum building has been conceived using Kerto. A proprietary highly engineered form of cross laminated timber (CLT) manufactured by Finnforest Metsawood in Finland. The structure will make extensive use of prefabrication, with components transported to site and then erected and assembled to form a coherent whole. In this way the structure would make a similar journey to the original Skogfinner settlers before.
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Cafe / circulation space visualisation