Lyveden Road

The extension and refurbishment of a mid terrace Victorian house, creating a new kitchen / dining space and courtyard garden. The existing property had a very poor quality rear addition, with an awkward plan creating a dark interior that was disconnected from the garden.

Working with the clients we developed the design to respond to their specific needs and personalities, drawing upon their lives to develop a truly personalised home. The proposal strongly unites indoors and outdoors, such that the modest size of the property and garden reinforce one another.

Proposed plan

The new kitchen and dining space will provide an ideal space to cook, eat and entertain. Storage has been a high priority, including creating a small utility, to allow the open plan modern living aspirations of the client to be fulfilled.

Proposed section

We are appointed to provide full architectural services from concept and ideas studies to developing detailed design for tender and construction. The project was completed in 2016.