Henderson Road

Proposed rear elevation

An ambitious project to create light filled kitchen dining space that will be both the heart of the home and a wonderful entertaining space.

The large semi-detached home near Wandsworth Common had been modified with the addition of a conservatory containing a dining and play space next to the kitchen. These existing spaces are partially separated by a structural wall and existing down-stand beams that create the effect of further separation. The result is a disjointed space with strikingly different levels of daylight where the kitchen appears gloomy, while the dining and play space are very bright.

3D model for structural design coordination

A key challenge of the project was how to develop a design that encouraged light spread into the kitchen whilst controlling daylight in the dining area, maximising the sense of light overall. The design seeks to achieve this with a single large roof light, 8 metres long, with raking reveals to allow daylight to flow across the space while maximising the volume and sense of space.

A 3m long island will form the centre-piece of the kitchen, with a back drop of full height units behind. Generosity of space around and through the spaces was a key concern and an enlarged opening to the main part of the house is proposed, helping guests to flow during parties.

From the garden, the extension will be articulated as a concrete picture frame with a large full height window. From the inside seating within the window bay will providing great views of the beautiful trees at the far end of the garden.

Conibere Phillips is appointed on a full service from concept to detailed technical design.