Embleton Road

Rendered external view from neighbour's garden

Embleton Road is a home that is not working for a growing family. The answer was not simply adding large extensions, as many neighbours had done, but creating clever new space and making best use of existing space.

The modest mid terrace house in Lewisham comprises of a ground floor living room, very small kitchen and dining room, and first floor main bedroom, second bedroom, box room and bathroom. An attractive elevation faces the street, while a very utilitarian elevation faces the generous sloping garden. The brief was to extend a small distance into the garden to create a kitchen / diner, add a loft extension to create an extra bedroom and bathroom, and to extend at first floor to create a further additional bedroom. The first floor extension, was the main challenge, which, together with the ground and loft, creates a 3 storey addition to the rear of the house.

Proposed section

Recognising the significant challenge of gaining planning approval for such an ambitious scheme many studies were carried out to explore the massing of the additions, their collective appearance, and the impact on neighbours. Physical and computer models were used to explore options and communicate design ideas to the client.

Proposed ground floor

The resulting design proposes three distinct though related tiers to the rear of the house. Materials change from a solid render at the base, to a timber finished bay at first floor and zinc finished loft. Window proportions and rhythm subtly change floor by floor, accentuating the sense of lightness toward the top of the building. Impacts on neighbours have been minimised, with both supporting the proposal. Perhaps most significantly the appearance of the rear of the house will be transformed with a design of high quality and fine detail replacing the purely functional existing appearance..

Proposed first floor

A planning application was submitted in late 2019 and approval gained in January 2020. It is our hope that the project will act as a benchmark for other ambitious and high quality proposals, and that the default, permitted development, solutions will be seen to be not the only answer.

Proposed second floor

Conibere Phillips was appointed to develop a design for the submission of a planning application and now developing the detail design now that an approval has been granted.