A.E. Chapman & Son

A project to reconfigure the offices of A E Chapman & Son, the biggest independent distributor of glass bottles in the UK.

The family run business last carried out significant work on their Clapham offices over 20 years ago. The brief required workstation numbers to be increased from 8 to 10 and the client suggested an internal extension of the floor space across a double height stair lobby to achieve this.

Our exploration of the problem resulted in suggesting that a re-configuration of the existing office space would achieve the client’s aims, without the complexity and expense of creating new floor space. This was agreed and detailed designs developed to allow the work to be undertaken in a phased manner, which was completed in March 2016.

Existing office
Remodelled office
With the internal office space complete the external appearance of the building is now being considered. This will transform the visibility of the company and the experience of clients and visitors to the building. Within each part of the scheme we have considered how best to showcase the companey's enormous range of bottle products as part of our design response.
Structural engineer :
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SD Structural Associates